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Thursday, 22 Sep 2016

Artilium introduces secure and easy identification of prepaid customers

Artilium introduces the KYC (Know Your Customer) Solution for secure and easy identification and authentication of mobile prepaid customers Artilium plc introduces the Artilium KYC Solution (the “KYC Solution”) for risk and fraud prevention related to Know Your Customer regulations:

Wednesday, 31 Aug 2016

Artilium into strategic alliance with Green IT Globe

Great new partnership that enables exciting offers for Mobile cloud storage, chat, photosharing as well as datacenter services.

Tuesday, 03 May 2016

Artilium provides Ring Back Tones to Tele2

Artilium has signed a contract through its Comsys subsidiary to provide a Ring Back Tone solution to the Telecom operator Tele2. Subscribers of Tele2 can select music as the ringtone to their callers.

Wednesday, 10 Feb 2016

Artilium acquires Livecom

We are happy to announce that we acquired Livecom. Livecom is a specialist in customer interaction management, with a single web application that handles all customer contacts via chat, e-mail, Whatsapp, voice as well as the expert knowledge base.

Wednesday, 14 Oct 2015

Artilium announces Integration Partnership with Expeto Wireless

Artilium announces Integration Partnership with Expeto Wireless inc. (“Expeto”) giving MVNOs unprecedented agility and scale by managing their own core network.

Wednesday, 14 Oct 2015

New MVNO agreement with FMS Contact

Artilium announces that its subsidiary United Telecom has signed a contract with the MVNO FMS Contact for the Belgian market.

Friday, 25 Sep 2015

Artilium acquires Comsys

We are happy to announce that today we have transformed the Artilium group’s prospects with the acquisition of Comsys (www.comsys.net). In particular it accelerates our growth strategy beyond Belgium so we can now reach more customers and deliver more products.

Tuesday, 14 Jul 2015

New MVNO agreement with Taza Mobile

Artilium announces that its subsidiary United Telecom has signed a contract with the MVNO Taza Mobile for the Belgian market. Artilium will provide mobile services and support in Belgium to Taza.

Monday, 06 Jul 2015

Artilium acquires *bliep mobile brand in the Netherlands

Today we took a very exciting step in the international development of Artilium. We acquired *bliep: a mobile brand for young people in the Netherlands (www.bliep.nl). *bliep currently has 21.000 customers. Artilium will also acquire the technology that offers the simple and flexible customer interaction linked to the Artilium platform.

Wednesday, 01 Jul 2015

Artilium acquires Talking Sense Networks

Today Artilium announced the acquisition of another smaller company active in the Voice over IP market in Belgium. Artilium acquires all shares in Talking Sense Networks bvba.