Wednesday, 14 Oct 2015

Artilium announces Integration Partnership with Expeto Wireless

Artilium announces Integration Partnership with Expeto Wireless inc. (“Expeto”) giving MVNOs unprecedented agility and scale by managing their own core network

  • Enabling MVNO’s to control revenue leakage and thus increase margin
  • Enhancing Over the Top (”OTT”) services
  • Real time policy control

Artilium and Expeto today announced the availability and integration between Artilium’s cloud deployment and management platform and Expeto’s cloud-native telecom core network Platform as a Service (“PaaS”). The result is an MVNO operation and deployment environment capable of real-time creation, management and control of mobile data services and its required capacity, together with true cloud scalability.

The environment enables telecom providers to deliver, manage and monitor telecom services,including core network services, in a PaaS model. Core network management leads to drastic risk mitigation in the form of real time data leakage management. This allows MVNOs to increase their margin significantly.

Cloud scale translates into an immediate reduction of hardware and offers high availability and resilience. The complete solution allows MVNOs to concentrate on their core differentiation while improving their margins. MVNOs can now quickly drive, react or respond to client or customer requirements faster than their competition, and even their own Mobile Network Operator (“MNO”) partners.

According to Bart Weijermars, CEO of Artilium; “MVNOs are consistently cornered into competing over cost. The Artilium and Expeto solution allows MVNOs to move beyond the focus on cost and into the realm of service and product innovation. Using software based deployment methodologies, rather than traditional, static telco ones, MVNOs are able to embrace technologies such as Network Functions Virtualization (“NFV”) in order to take advantage of cost reductions and scale advantages, as well as platform agility.”

Ryley MacKenzie, CEO of Expeto, commented; “Virtualization technologies have been around for many years but how core networks are deployed is a very different story. Telecom has specific requirements, different from most industries; latency and jitter, for example, play a much bigger role when architecting platforms - especially those deployed either in a hybrid or cloud environment. Born in the cloud, environments scale differently and require a much more specific deployment and management skill set.”

About Artilium:

Artilium is a demonstrated leader in the development of next generation communication technologies. Artilium's strategy focuses on supporting its customers to successfully grow their business by providing flexible, cost effective and innovative solutions. Artilium's innovation driven strategy empowers telecom operators around the globe to face the tremendous challenges ahead. We combine next-generation technology with traditional telecomenvironments to create exciting new business opportunities for our customers. This ensures that our customers are able to keep up with rapidly evolving market demands while simultaneously growing their businesses.

Artilium plc is a publicly listed software company on the London Stock Exchange (LSE/AIM:ARTA).

About Expeto:

Expeto offers the entire LTE core network stack in a Platform as a Service model. Using Network Function Virtualization as a base, the on-demand, cloud-based environment can bescaled in milliseconds where, and most importantly, when needed. The PaaS solution ensures more revenue is retained by the communications service provider and not distributed to proprietary hardware and software vendors. In short, our core competency is in the automationand orchestration of the virtualized LTE core. Using a disciplined-based systems management framework, Expeto has created extremely granular service object instances which can bedeployed in minutes, not months. Expeto’s core competency is delivered through process innovation – automation and orchestration built for cloud-based infrastructure.

For further information, please contact:

Bart Weijermars ‐ Chief Executive Officer

Expeto Wireless Inc.

Ryley MacKenzie -­ Chief Executive Officer