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We believe in growth through innovation. We believe that innovation boosts the growth of our customers’ businesses within the telecom industry as well as the growth of our intellectual property and the knowledge of our employees.

Empowering telco operators worldwide to face the future. ARTA® combines next-generation technology with traditional telecom environments to create exciting new opportunities. This ensures that customers are able to keep up with rapidly evolving market demands to face future challenges. Today, multiple renowned national and international telco companies rely on ARTA® to deliver voice, text and data services to 1 million end users.

ARTA® platform. ARTA® is the real-time Authentication, Authorization and Accounting (AAA) software of voice, text and 3G/4G data services, VoIP, mobile payments, etc. for telecom and virtual operators.

Pay-as-you-grow. Gear our solutions to your business model. As your customer base grows, ARTA® architecture can be scaled to extend capacity. As a latest innovation, Artilium offers its product suite from the cloud as a PAAS (platform as a service), yielding ARTA®’s maximum long-term scalability, flexibility and availability.