• IoT Connectivity Management Platform that connects, aggregates & enables enterprises
Artilium’s Internet of Things (IoT) Connectivity Management Platform is flexible, scalable and uses state of the art Technologies. The Artilium IoT platform allows you to easily connect and manage the connectivity for your IoT services. Artilium’s IoT solution is multi-tenant allowing your partners to connect and manage their own IoT services, in their own secure and controlled environment.
Overall the Artilium IoT solution ensures a quick & efficient launch of customers new IoT services, which enables our customers to manage and control their connected IoT devices, appliances, services in real time.
Artilium’s IoT platform allows our customers to create and deliver their new products, limitless applications and services, all under their control within one platform.

Some of the key features in Artilium’s IoT solution:

  • Powerful Connectivity Management Platform
  • API tool-set built-in
  • Network-agnostic, e.g. Wi-Fi, 4G, LTE, NB-IoT, LTE-M, Lora, 5G
  • Providing a single entry point for IoT partners
  • Self-service portal provided for IoT partners, providing full control to manage and monitor connectivity and related rate card / billing plans
  • Real time insight of the device usage with reporting capability
  • Active monitoring of the device usage
  • Charging and Billing module
  • An open interface, to interact with other environments e.g. with device management environments
  • Including IoT enabler functionality
  • Unique platform setup supported by a powerful MVNE and MVNO service environment



IoT solutions are typically used to deliver a cost efficient technology solution saving operational costs, deliver new products and revenue streams, deliver environmental projects, information data services, IoT device management, efficient planning and delivery, improve transportation and logistics, monitor sensors, provide value added services and many more.


Some examples of what you can do with IoT are: